Married Capricorn Man in Love With Another Woman – What You Need to Know

Capricorn men are loyal and good at maintaining a moral system. They’re also very protective of the people they care about, which is something to be aware of if you want to date one.

But there are some things that can make your Capricorn man fall in love with another woman.

In this article, we’ll provide some advice for women who may deal with this problem.

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Married Capricorn Man in Love With Another Woman

It’s important to clarify that not all Capricorn men are exactly the same. The Capricorn man you’re married to may be loyal and have a moral code, so respect whatever his boundaries are.

However, if your Capricorn man starts to show signs of being distant or doesn’t want to talk about the problems anymore – pay attention.

These could be signs that he has feelings for another woman.

Potential Reasons for Falling in Love with Another Woman

Here are some possible reasons why your Capricorn man would fall in love with another woman.

The Silent Treatment

If your Capricorn husband starts giving you the silent treatment, then he may be trying to get back at you for something or not thinking very highly of you right now.

He might even try to flirt with other women if he feels like you’re not taking him seriously.

If you feel like your Capricorn husband is getting too close with another woman, then talk to him about what you’re feeling about the situation.

He’ll either open up about it or recognize that he’s wrong for doing it. If this is a one-time thing, then you don’t have to worry about anything serious happening within a short time frame.

It may take some work on your part to mend the relationship and show him how much you care while trying to figure out why he’s so distant.


Your Capricorn man may be seeking revenge because you’ve hurt him in the past.

He probably wants to get back at you, or he may want to act like he has feelings for another woman simply to make you jealous. These are both pretty immature behavior traits that won’t be beneficial to your relationship at all.

Your Capricorn man should be willing to work through the issues with you instead of trying to get back at you by using another woman to make you jealous.

The Other Woman

It’s also possible that your Capricorn man may be falling for another woman because she’s showing him more attention than you are.

If this other woman is flirting with your Capricorn man to the point that he starts falling for her, then there’s a chance she isn’t actually interested in him. She might be using your husband to make herself feel better about herself or for some other personal reason only known to her.

So instead of trying to make your Capricorn man feel jealous, try getting to know the woman he’s interested in. If you show her that you care about your husband more than she does, then chances are she’ll lose interest and move on or stop flirting with him altogether.

If this happens, then your Capricorn man should realize that other women aren’t necessarily better than you. He’ll take a closer look at his own relationship and think about how much he loves and misses you, which will lead to him coming back to you for good without feeling flirty toward other women.

If this still happens after spending time with the other woman, then it’s possible that she may be dangerous in some way or that your Capricorn husband has feelings for her.

Tips on Keeping Him Interested

Is your married Capricorn man in love with another woman? Here are some ways to get him back.

Although your Capricorn husband may be cheating on you, this doesn’t always mean he wants to leave his family behind. So instead of accusing him of being unfaithful, talk to him first about the other woman before confronting her.

Talk with him

He may see that it’s time to make a choice, and start focusing on his family again. If you two can sit down and talk about it like adults, then there’s a good chance that things will go back to the way they were with less pain.

It might be difficult at first because your Capricorn man may want to protect himself from getting hurt again, but if you keep trying by being supportive and showing him your love, then chances are he’ll start feeling strong feelings for you again.

Your Capricorn man still loves you very much, so it’s up to you to keep his love alive.

If it seems like your Capricorn husband doesn’t want to make time for you anymore, then this is something you need to work on.

Married Capricorn Man in Love With Another Woman


He may be starting to feel like you don’t love him anymore, so he’s trying to seek attention elsewhere by flirting with other women or even seeking revenge against you.

Instead of thinking about what you can do without him, how about showing your Capricorn man that he’s the only one you want to be with?

You should also ask him how he’s feeling about the relationship because there could have been a recent problem to push him away. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but it may take a little bit of work to get things back on track.

If you keep your Capricorn man interested in you and remind him that he’s the only one you want, then there’s a good chance things will go back to the way they were with less pain.

However, if this still keeps happening despite your best efforts, then it might be time for you two to talk about divorce because something is obviously not right in the relationship anymore.

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Final thoughts

If you’re married to a Capricorn man, there are some things that can lead him astray. If your husband is falling for another woman because she’s showing him more attention than you are, then he might be using her to make himself feel better about the current situation or for personal reasons only known to them.

You should try to talk to him first before accusing him of cheating because he might realize that other women aren’t necessarily better than you. Then he’ll come back to you without flirting with others.

Is your Married Capricorn Man in Love With Another Woman? We hope this article has helped you understand why and what you need to do.

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