How to Deal With an Angry Capricorn Man in 7 Easy Ways

It can be hard to deal with a Capricorn man when he’s angry. They are not the kind of people that will let you know what they’re feeling, and often, they’ll bottle it up until it explodes.

Here are seven easy ways to help you deal with an angry Capricorn man.

How to deal with an angry Capricorn man

How to deal with an angry Capricorn man in seven easy ways:

Let them be silent

Capricorn men are often not the most talkative people, and when they’re angry they tend to shut down. Although it may seem like the worst thing for you as a partner, if your man is always talking about how he’s feeling then he’s not really angry and you won’t get the chance to work with his anger in a healthy way.

Let them be alone

Capricorn Man After a Breakup

If your partner is upset, they just need some time on their own to clear their head. Sometimes when we’re angry we lash out at others because we feel that they’re intruding on how we feel, and it’s important to let them be alone during the difficult time.

Don’t take everything they say at face value

When you’re with a Capricorn man, don’t take everything he says literally. He will not directly tell you how he feels about something or how much he agrees or disagrees with you, so if he doesn’t give a direct answer then it’s best not to push him. If you want him to be more open about how he really feels, ask him how he feels about something and how it makes him feel instead of forcing an immediate reply.

Allow them to show how they feel

It’s important to let your Capricorn man show how he feels without feeling like they’re being judged or shamed. If you allow him to express how he feels then it won’t build up and explode into something more than just anger. Showing emotions is not an easy thing for them, but by allowing them the space and freedom to do so, they’ll be more comfortable in the relationship.

Don’t nag them to talk, but encourage it

If you’re stuck in a situation where your partner is angry and they don’t want to tell how they really feel, then try asking if they’d like some encouragement to start talking about how they feel. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares how you feel and wants to help can make things easier.

dealing with an angry capricorn man

Let them know how much they matter to you

It’s easy for us as humans to want someone we love to express how much we mean to them, but sometimes your Capricorn man might not be able to show how he feels about you in that way. If they are angry, there’s most likely a reason behind it and you should be able to find out how so that they know how much you care about them.

Be vulnerable too

Being open with how you feel will allow your Capricorn man to take the same step towards being more open with how he feels. Sometimes just telling them how you feel about something without being asked how you feel will make them more comfortable to express how they feel as well.

How to deal with an angry Capricorn man summary

You don’t need to tell them how they feel, but instead, allow how they feel to be shown, and how you respond will say a lot more than any words.

Being clear and direct is key in how to deal with an angry Capricorn man. Don’t wait for his anger to erupt into something that you can’t control, instead show how you truly feel about how he’s feeling and allow him to express how he feels without judgement or shame. Having an open relationship where both of you are allowed to be vulnerable will help.

Do capricorns anger easily?

Leaving a Capricorn Man

Capricorns can anger easily and they might not be the most open about how they feel, but it’s important to try your best to understand how they’re feeling and how you can help them work through how he feels. No matter how difficult things might get in a relationship with a Capricorn man, always remember that deep down, he really does care how you feel.

How to reduce a Capricorns anger

Try to understand how they feel

Some men are not very open about how they’re feeling, but allowing them the space to express themselves is the best way on how to deal with an angry Capricorn man.

Don’t show how you feel

Capricorns get scared when other people are emotional because it shows how vulnerable they can be too. If you always show how you feeling it will make them want to shut down.

Don’t try to calm them down, let them work out how they feel themselves

If something has made them angry then the best thing that you can do is give them space and time how they feel. Trying to calm them down with kind words might not work how you want it to, and will likely make things worse.

How Capricorns express anger

Some Capricorn men will bottle how they are feeling, which is not the best way to deal with anger problems. This doesn’t mean that they’re hiding how they feel or how they’re upset, it means that their anger will build up over time and explode into something worse.

Capricorn men might push how they feel onto other people, even though it’s not how they actually feel.

What do capricorns do to satisfy the anger?

Capricorns have a hard time expressing how they feel in relationships, so it’s going to take a lot of effort from both to deal with an angry Capricorn man. If you’re able to help them express how they truly feel then there is a good chance that he will be more comfortable showing how he feels about you too.

It might seem difficult to deal with an angry Capricorn man, but it’s something that needs to be worked on. Encouraging how he feels is a big step how to developing a stronger relationship with him and how you can work through his anger together in a healthy way.

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Final thoughts

When dealing with an angry Capricorn man, it’s best to not engage in conflict. Instead, try to understand what they are feeling and why their anger is misplaced.

With this new understanding, you may be able to find the root of the problem and help them move on from whatever has caused these feelings of anger or frustration.

It can also be helpful if you have a plan for moving forward when encountering another argumentative encounter so that you don’t get caught off guard again!

Thank you for reading our article on How to Deal With an Angry Capricorn Man in 7 Easy Ways!

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