Does a Capricorn Man like to Be Chased

Does a Capricorn Man like to Be Chased?

What does the zodiac sign Capricorn have to do with wanting women? Do they want to chase them or are they prone to being chased themselves? They seem so enigmatic at times.

They seem to retreat into themselves and get lost in their own thoughts. Capricorn is the sign for the earth element.

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Does a Capricorn Man like to Be Chased

The short answer to this question is, no. He typically doesn’t want people chasing him because it can make them seem too quick for relationships or too desperate when dating comes around!

In order to understand why most Capricorn men don’t like to be chased, we have to take a look at his personality traits.

The Capricorn man has high standards

The Capricorn man has high standards and can be reluctant to commit. They may not even consider a person with lower standards as a viable partner. Capricorn is also an earth sign with a noble air about them and does not like to be pursued, so it will take some patience and determination on the part of those who hope to capture their heart.

Capricorn values substance and quality over appearance. They tend to be rather independent, quiet, and reserved. Capricorn is mistrustful of people and can be secretive.

Because of his high standards, he has a hard time choosing his partner. If he likes you he will let you know.

They don’t like drama

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Some men like to chase women and others like to be chased. The problem is that some signs don’t like drama and they will run the other way if they think it’s too much.

Capricorn men are often dramatic and emotional but they are very private about it. They don’t like being the center of attention and they like it even less when someone is always chasing them.

The Capricorn man makes sure he has everything he needs before he decides to commit. He wants to be sure of the relationship before he does.


The willful goat will respond more to when he feels encouraged or if the woman that is into him shows her integrity. If a girl shows that she is being honest and genuine, then the Capricorn man will be more likely to take her seriously.

Unfortunately, many women don’t know how to attract a Capricorn man. This is because they are not very flexible and don’t have a lot of emotional range.

Capricorn is a very conservative sign and it can be hard for a woman to catch him. He will respond to a woman that is honest and genuine.

From his perspective; chasing after someone is very much like silly games that children play. He doesn’t indulge in these activities. Be direct with him about what you’d like to have from each other. He’ll respect the honest approach more than trying to clandestinely manipulate things for your benefit.

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He is patient

If a Capricorn man is not into you, then they will let that be known. They want to take their time and develop something long-lasting.

He wants the woman who is able to and will wait for him. He wants someone who gives him space of needing time to figure out if she’s the woman that he would like to spend his life with.

Usually, he would not waste his time or energy on someone who does not seem like they will go somewhere with. He doesn’t feel the need for flings and one-night affairs. He hopes that the one woman will choose to end things with all other men and dedicate her time/affection towards him instead.

Learning to play hard-to-get with Capricorn men can be good since they want things to progress slowly.

He likes to be in control

For many Capricorn men, they like to be in control and stay organized. They often enjoy staying on top of their tasks and will often take the lead role in tasks that need to be done.

Capricorn men value clear communication and if there is a problem they will openly address it so that both parties know what is going on.

When they are chased they might feel like they lost control of what is going on and they will not feel comfortable living like that.

How do you win a Capricorn man’s heart?

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Capricorns are known for their work ethic, ambition, and career-mindedness. They’re not the type of person to chase after love – they’ll meet you halfway.

The thing that may be hard to get used to with Capricorns is their straightforward attitude. They like to come off as bossy or at times rude, but it’s usually just because they hate wasting time on emotions and prefer to focus on what needs an answer right away.

The best way to win a Capricorn man’s heart is by being yourself. If you are genuine, he will appreciate your sincerity and will be more open to getting to know you.

Capricorn men are attracted to women who are intelligent, ambitious and have a good sense of humor.


In conclusion, Capricorn men are practical-minded, disciplined, and driven by success. Their independence is often a product of their early childhood life experiences. They are loyal but can be difficult to win over.

A Capricorn man may not always come across as the most romantic of signs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need affection or care just like everyone else.

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