capricorn man disappears then reappears

Why Your Capricorn Man Disappears Then Reappears (5 Reasons)

In the world of dating, many people have a tendency to vanish and reappear again. Often times this is a person’s way of testing or seeing if they can get away with not answering a text.

Sometimes it is because the person has been busy and was unable to respond in time. On occasion, it can be because the person you are interested in may have found someone more compatible with them.

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Capricorn Man Disappears Then Reappears

Capricorn men are a different breed. They have a high sense of responsibility and work ethic, so when they disappear from your life it’s not always because they don’t love you.

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Capricorn men have a tendency to withdraw emotionally when they feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. They’re used to being in control and when that changes the only way they know how to cope is to retreat.

Here are the reasons why Capricorn men disappear:

Too much drama or emotions

Capricorn Man Disappears Then Reappears

When you’re trying to figure out what went wrong with your relationship, there are a lot of possibilities. You may be on the verge of breaking up, or you may just need to work through some things. If your Capricorn man disappears then reappears, it could be because he’s too emotional and needs some space before he dives back in.

Capricorn man is stable, steady, and reliable. Capricorn men (and women) are not the most emotional types in the world. They have a more ‘System’ approach to life. When they feel overwhelmed by emotions, they will avoid any situation where their emotions might get the best of them.


Dishonesty is a common problem in modern relationships. People are naturally prone to lying, but this becomes more prevalent when the person being lied to has trust issues. It’s not unheard of for a Capricorn man to disappear then reappear months later, only for the cycle to repeat again.

If your Capricorn man believes you might hide something from him it will make him disappear from your life. If you try to talk with him and there’s no talk of anything serious, it could be because he doesn’t think you’re honest enough.

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High standards

A Capricorn man is a guy who expects the best from himself and the people in his life. He wants to be respected by others and treated with dignity. A woman who loves a Capricorn man has an excellent chance of having a stable, loving, and long-lasting relationship with him, but that’s only if she can get her priorities straight.

He’s looking for a woman who will give him stability in his life. He wants to know that his partner will be there when he needs her. In a world where love is hard to find, Capricorn men are looking for a woman who will be a rock in his life.

If you fail to show you are worthy then he might have doubts about getting together. This can lead him to disappear from your life for a while.

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They feel unappreciated

The first thing you need to know about Capricorn men is that they are very private – so asking them what’s wrong may not be the best idea. The first thing you need to do is find out what he’s passionate about, and do whatever it takes to help him feel accomplished.

Make him feel like he’s worth something. There are times when Capricorn men just don’t want to deal with the emotional pain that comes with relationship commitment.

You hurt him

While you may be wondering why your Capricorn man disappears, before reappearing later on.

Capricorns are very cautious about their feelings and they often avoid emotional attachments. If they feel like you’re getting too close or if they sense that you’re about to break up with them, they’ll usually disappear for a while. They’ll either work late, spend time with friends, or simply refuse to answer your calls until they feel it’s safe to come back.

You’re never going to know what’s wrong if you don’t ask. The Capricorn man will never tell you what he’s really thinking or feeling. He’s Willing to Sacrifice

If you did something that might have hurt his feelings then this is why he disappeared.

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Capricorn man disappears after intimacy

A lot can happen after a night of intimacy. Some people disappear, some fall in love, and others just come to regret it. Your Capricorn man might just be busy with his career and life but there is also a chance he is playing you.

If this happens more than once then chances are he has no serious intentions and just wants to have fun with you.

Will a Capricorn man come back after disappearing

The truth is that nobody can tell if he is going to come back or not. The worst part is that you can’t do anything to change that. The only thing you can do is wait.

When he comes back you need to have a talk with him and make sure to let him know that you will not judge him for what he did. Make sure he understands you care about him and want to know where he went.

Final thoughts

It is not uncommon for Capricorn men to go in and out of your life. This is due to their need to focus on themselves and their ability to change or detach themselves from a situation that is not meeting their needs.

When things are not going well with your Capricorn man, don’t give up on him. There are many explanations for his behavior and many reasons to believe that he will always come back to you eventually.

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