Signs a Capricorn Man Is Playing You

7 Signs a Capricorn Man Is Playing You

If you are considering spending time with a Capricorn man, there are a few things to watch out for. Capricorn men are known for being loyal and committed, but some have been guilty of playing women.

Capricorn men are often mislabeled with the reputation of being stuck-up and cocky, but they’re actually just fiercely independent. Unlike most other zodiac signs, Capricorns like to set their own pace in life and maintain total autonomy over their careers. This nonconformist attitude can make these men seem like they don’t need anyone else in their lives.

These 7 warning signs that a Capricorn man is playing you can help you determine if he’s someone to stay away from.

Signs a Capricorn Man Is Playing You

Capricorns are notoriously guarded when it comes to emotions. But if you think he’s playing you, you might want to read these 7 signs.

He’s secretive

A Capricorn man will be secretive about pretty much everything—even the most mundane, everyday things. If you notice your Capricorn man is constantly talking in circles or not answering your questions at all, there’s a high probability that he’s playing you. He’ll do this to make sure he can get away with playing you.

If you start asking him about his past, he’ll share a story that you already know. You won’t ever be able to know his life or his emotions clearly.

If he’s acting for his own personal advantage, you will see this sign quite easily.

He asks you to do a lot of things for him

You are constantly doing things for him, which he never seems to do anything in return. It could also mean that he doesn’t care enough about you to pay back what he owes you. He will always try to keep himself above any obligations towards you.

So if he does not appreciate you enough to repay you, then why would you bother? A good way for you to tell whether he cares more about himself than you is by looking into his relationships. If he has no one around him, you should definitely consider moving on.

You contribute more to the relationship than him

You are the one who helps out with cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The fact that you are always there for him is something he takes for granted. If he rarely does anything for you then you should be careful.

Don’t expect constant help from him either but he should at least try. This could either imply that he doesn’t care about you or that he just wants to have fun. People enjoy making their partner feel like they are always there for them but if you feel like this is lacking then he is most likely just playing you.

Not making any effort to be romantic is a common red flag in this situation.

He talks to you only when he needs something

Too many of us have been there. The Capricorn man- the one who is “too busy” to talk to you, but can’t seem to shut up when he wants something from you.

You’ll find yourself spending all your time trying to get him to open up and start talking again. But just because he wants something from you doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you! He will talk nicely to you because he wants to convince you to spend the night with him. Remember, you are the woman, so don’t let someone treat you as if you’re less important than him.

A man who wants to spend time together with you doesn’t necessarily need to benefit from the relationship. He will talk to you just because he likes you.

He does not want you to meet his family

Pay attention to how Capricorn men normally behave when referring to a meeting with their family. Do they show pride in their families? Or do they make excuses when it comes to meeting relatives?

If you see that he has no interest in introducing you to his family, chances are he may not even be interested in having a relationship with you. When you begin a new relationship, you expect your partner to introduce you to their family. The last thing you would want is to be played by a man that has no serious intentions.

No matter how strongly you insist on meeting them, he will find an excuse to back out on the deal.

No plans for the future

Capricorn men are not known for their social lives. They’re the type to bury themselves in their work and live for it. But don’t let that fool you! They do like to talk about the future and are quite upfront.

If you try to take things to the next level and he does not seem very happy about it then you should be careful. That means he has no interest in staying with you in the future.

Capricorns are known for being organized and they like to be in control. If he is really interested in you then he most likely already has a plan for your relationship in the future. This includes going on dates to hang out, looking for housing possibilities, or going hiking together. If your Capricorn man doesn’t do anything like that with you then he is only using you.

He doesn’t post pictures with you on his social media

signs a capricorn man is playing you

Many women are played by Capricorn men on social media- so much so that they let these men into their lives. Once they realize the kind of person they are dealing with, it is too late. It seems like these men know how to play the game and get what they want.

If your Capricorn man does not want to post a picture of you two on social media then you can consider this a red flag. Whenever you mention that, he never seems to have a normal response for it. The problem appears when he continues to post photos of him with his friends or simple selfies.

A Capricorn guy who’s in love with you will post your pictures, but if he only wants to use you he would avoid that.

What should you do if a Capricorn man is playing you?

You should always listen to your gut instinct first before taking any actions. In case you feel something is wrong with your Capricorn man just leave it all behind and move on. You deserve better than someone who cares nothing about you.

You should abandon any hope of seeing a good relationship with this man and move on without wasting any more of your time. This is something he’s blind to, which means the only thing you’re likely to be able to do is to waste a lot of time on him.

Instead of waiting and striving to persuade him to remedy this relationship, you need to focus on your life and move on.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, signs that a Capricorn man is playing you include talking to you only when he needs something (sex), talking to his friends more than he talks to you, not having plans for the future, and not inviting you places. If someone is really interested in you they wouldn’t do any of these things.

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